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Beard Oil - Just the Basics

Beard Oil - Just the Basics

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Guys, do you know how much your beard and skin would benefit from using beard oil? By conditioning your beard you are giving it the extra boost it needs to stay hydrated and healthy as you grow it out. The oils in our formula also aid in keeping your skin hydrated and reduce any itchiness associated with hair growth. 

To use, start with a dime-sized amount of oil in the palm of your hand and evenly spread it between your hands before incorporating it onto your beard and skin. If you have a brush or comb you can use it to further disperse the oils throughout your beard. If you have longer hair you may need to reapply with some additional oil. 

Please discontinue use if any irritation occurs.


Sweet Almond Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Fragrance Oil

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Best Use

Apply just a few drops of oil onto your palm and rub across your hands. Begin applying to your beard starting with the cheek area then moving to the front of your mustache and chin. Once you feel your beard is hydrated, not greasy, run a comb through to distribute evenly, combing with and against the direction of growth on your hair. If you have a longer beard you may likely need a second application. Once oil is thoroughly incorporated, comb or style as usual. Be sure to pair with our beard balm to soften your beard.

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